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From: Letter Received

Subject: Durability Beyond Expectations

To Whom it May Concern:

I have had an experience with your products that went far beyond my expectations. I would like to thank you for providing a durable product which I did not think possible, but was proved under stress. Here is the story...

My family has had the sad experience of our most loved cat disappearing. This has been difficult for us as he is the friendliest, happiest, most playful cat ever. So we have been spending hours every day searching the neighborhoods, passing out fliers, sending faxes to Veterinarians and Shelters and generally trying to find our little cat. One of the first things we did was to make some large signs to put at the major egress roads of the subdivisions around us. We were hoping people would see the signs and if they saw our cat would give us a call. The signs have been successful as we have received many calls, although none of the cats were ours. The amazing part is that signs are still generating calls!

We have a small printing business which includes Epson Stylus Pro 780 printer. The 7800 is loaded with MIS K4 Vivid Magenta ink. Part of my printing business is printer profiling so it is no problem for me to run the Vivid Magenta in the older 7800 printer. The profiling capability also allows me to run most any paper/media that I choose. My choice for many years has been Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Paper.

Since we wanted to get the signs out quickly I Photoshopped a two-sided 24"x20" sign which we planned to put over some outdoor House For Sale signs we bought at the local hardware store. I printed the first batch of 6 signs on a Sunday morning, wrapped them over the "House For Sale" signs, and stuck them into the ground on Sunday evening. That Monday was a nice sunny day, around 60 degrees, so the signs had a chance to dry completely. However, Tuesday as predicted was rainy from early morning into late afternoon. We received an inch of rain and quite strong wind gusts. I assumed I'd have to reprint the signs as everything I have ever said says they should not be waterproof. I went out Wednesday morning to pick up the signs. Not one had any kind of damage: no ink runs, no wrinkling, no tears, no color loss, no bleed of any kind. They looked just as good as when I put them out on Sunday evening. They are out there still. Sunday they got another half inch of rain but they still look good today. Ten days in the Michigan Outdoors - I am amazed.

You have a couple of wonderful products even when used in unexpected ways.

Keep up the Good Work!

Tom Nation


From: Tech Support

Just wanted to thank MIS ( for the great support we here at Lakeville UMC received while installing our new CFS on our Epson Workforce 30 printer. We started buying After Market ink from for our HP 3800 until it died. We do a lot of printing and it was slow. On a recommendation from MIS we purchaed from Epson their Workforce 30 printer. With the volume of prinjting we are doing your Continous Flow System was the next logical step. The quality of our printed material has also improved with the use if your MIS PRO ink.Epson ink was ok but the MIS PRO ink is much brighter and crisp.

Thanks again

Jim Lakeville UMC


From: Tech Support

Thank you very much for the assistance today. The problem with my printer certainly turned out to be more complicated than I had expected. Your patience, cooperation and knowledge over a very long phone call certainly made things easier.

Chris M.


From: Letter Received
Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to say my order arrived and I am thrilled to bits with the contents. Both systems are beautifully made and far exceed other methods, such as hole drilling the carts. No doubt pieces of plastic from drilling could potentially clog the print heads, not to mention the fact the carts are only half full. I tried drilling for a while and got ink everywhere. Anyway, just want to say a big thanks for your products and excellent service.



From: Tech Support

Hello! Thanks for the newsletter. It reminds me that I have been wanting to tell you how good I feel about your company. I am an individual user with very small refill ink needs compared to most, but I have to say, your courtesy towards me and your concerns in resolving a recent minor error went a very long way in gaining my business.

For your interest, I had been dealing for many years with a local firm that naturally I wanted to support, both from habit and loyalty, yet found to becoming increasingly distant and disinterested. We recently bought one of Canon's new PIXMA printers to supplement our existing office HP inkjet, and as an example of your progressiveness, you were able to supply refill ink for it, whereas the local company shrugged and cited "technical difficulties" when queried about such ink.

Rest assured, you will continue to receive our future orders, small though they might be. Thanks for great customer service!

Bob C.


From: Tech Support

Wanted to let you know, I received my inks yesterday. I couldn't wait to get them installed and see what happens. I am stunned! The quality of my B&W prints have just taken a giant leap and I don't even know what I am doing yet. Thanks again for your quality and I will be ordering again soon.

John S


From: Tech Support

I received my order today.  Thank you very much, once again, for a great deal and transaction.  Count on me in the future.



Letter Received
To MIS Staff & Management:

The 4 oz bottle of Canon yellow ink for my iP4200 is a "dead on" perfect match. This was my first purchase. I run a busy ink store in Ontario and have many great suppliers, but none had this ink and they suggested the 3e yellow for i560. This was not perfect. The MIS ink was excellent, no adjustments needed on color management and the price was great.

Your website is easy to surf, and most helpful. It is obvious you have done the homework needed to have a great Knowledgebase. My increased sales are in a great part due to the new tech info on Epson printers.

Many thanks to the order desk for helping walk me through placing a credit card order on the website. It was my first on-line order ever.

I hope you remain at the "pinnacle" of Quality Service and knowledge. Few have reached this level in our industry and even fewer can hold that position with customers. Now that I have found you, loosing you, would mean I go back to CRAYONS - YIKES!!



From MIS Forum
I made the mistake of buying a non-MIS CIS form ny Epson 890 some 6 months ago. This gave problems with colour rendering right from the beginning. It was impossible to set the neutrals to print correctly all the way through the density range. A colour cast always remained on some of the darker squares of my test wedge.

I resolved the problem eventually by dumping the remainder of the "cheep" ink that came with it and using MIS dye ink instead. I downloaded an ICC profile of the ink and printer from the MIS website, and used it in Photoshop, even though it was for Epson paper not the Kirkland I use exclusively.

This was a revelation, parts of the grey scale with had proved impossible to print correctly now produced correct neutrals with discernable graduations all the way through the density range. I now have confidence enough in my system to order a custom ICC profile from the Dot Factory.

The moral of the story is.... "If you want good prints use the good ink from MIS - don't mess with the cheap stuff."



From MIS Support

You don't call it Mis Print. Sorry I won't be the first to have thought of that. I am mailing to say so far, so good, or completely excellent. No misprints! The instructions were clear and concise and only a genius could fail to follow them. I am getting first rate A4 pics, catching up day by day with a backlog caused by dodgy generic ink carts and the ruinous cost of Epson's daylight robbery. Insh Allah I shall never look back.



From Epson Wide Format Printer Forum
Now that is just plain strange - that you would be able to keep the 4000 machine color profiled and functional like that when mixing MIS and Epson pigments in the same machine without reprofiling everything?!

I mean the chances of one being able to mix these things like that from two completely different companies and not see significant color changes seems unbelievable to me.

In this case I can't help but think that possibly these new MIS PRO pigments ARE Ultrachrome, from the same factories? We all know Epson doesn't make anything and they have to get their inks mixed somewhere. In addition they are moving on to a completely different inkset with a different base in K3, probably made by a totally different company. The only other possibility is that MIS has so completely reverse engineered the Ultrachome pigs that they got it 100% exactly right? What are the chances of that happening? Man.



Posted By: Brian A., Hon.FZPS, AHFAP
Many thanks. The CFS system for my Epson 1200 arrived Thursday - amazingly fast service from yourselves and the carrier.

Once again, MIS do the business!

Have recommended your service on our Photo Group Forum and have link on our websites.


From Epson Printer Forum

I print using 1280's and MIS Archival Pigmented inks.

I have read a lot about longevity...but wanted to prove to myself from a practical perspective that I was using an ink/paper combination (Red River Paper Polar Matte) that would stand up.

I live on the coast of Oregon. One fall day several years ago I cut one of my 13 X 38" panoramas into 4 pieces. I put one piece in a dark drawer, another in a north window, another in a south window, and the last up on the dashboard of my nasty 4X4 pickup. It was a wet winter. My truck got nastier.

After 6 months I placed them side by side and was shocked at how little change there was. The one that got to ride around in my truck with me fared the worst...but none the less far better than I ever would have imagined. Barely noticeable difference.

My suggestion...ask, like you archives...and cut something into 4 pieces and prove it for yourself.

Jim C.


Good Word
Thank you for your help. I really do appreciate the level of service that you give, and I will be back for more of your products in the future. I work in retail too and believe in that high level of customer service, but not many firms do. I also believe that credit should be given where due. I have been shopping with you for a couple of years now and you have never failed to be anything but courteous and helpful.




BW Forum Comment,
I wanted to second (or third) Paul's suggestion that the Epson C86 and MIS EZ inks are an excellent and inexpensive starting point for dedicated grayscale printing.

We have a digital lab where students have access to two Epson 4000's and one 4800. Each fall semester I teach a digital darkroom class; these are students who've already taken several digital imaging classes and want to concentrate on inkjet printmaking. I have every student purchase their own C86 printer (its on their course supply list). I started doing this as a way to encourage the same sense of ownership they experience in the wet darkroom. It makes the digital printing process less objective and more tactile. They learn the "care and feeding" of their own machine and use the small printers to master basic printing workflows (including print profile authoring with an EyeOne kit). They use the larger printers for mid-term and final portfolio work.

I demo both BIO (black ink only) and the EZ inks in class. About half, those interested primarily in grayscale printing, purchase a second C86 (they find them for around $40.00 on sale; less than the cost of many Photoshop textbooks).

I consider the C86/EZ inks a minor miracle.

Austin, Texas


Hello All,
Eboni BO print on my windowsill torture test, now at 18 months - no sign of fading.

The print is on a south facing window sill that has an awning (in South Florida). It gets very bright indirect light all day, and a small amount direct sunlight during early morning and late afternoon as it peeks under the awning. Room has A/C so temp & humidity are moderate.

Print was placed there on November 3, 2003. It has a piece of 4-ply mat board taped across it at exact markings so I can check under it periodically.



Dear MIS,
You asked for a report on your new spongeless cartridges.

I received a set of the MIS spongeless cartridges for my Epson 2000p recently. Following the clear instructions, I had no problem in filling these cartridges, and there was very little mess--just a little ink came out at the top when I overfilled the storage tanks, which I easily wiped up with a Kleenex. (It's a little hard to tell when you've put in the maximum amount of ink that the tank will hold.) No foam at all. After cleaning the 2000p's heads a couple of times, the printer operated perfectly with these cartridges. And refilling was equally easy. A terrific product that I'll continue to use until my printing workload increases, at which time I'll probably purchase your continuous-flow system.



Mike Johnston's Review of MIS EZ BW Inks
Carbon on Cotton,
I wrote a couple of months ago here about the new "EZ" black & white printing option, developed by MIS Inks and Paul Roark. You might want to re-read that bit first, but just to refresh your memory, the system uses one of the common and inexpensive Epson C82 / C84 / C86 4-color printers as a base, replacing the color inks with carbon inks, and is made to work without profiles ñ it will print in any application that supports printing. You just get the picture looking good on your monitor and hit print. EZ!

Well, I've had some more experience with the system now, and I must say it's capable of making superb printsÖif you are. It works nicely on the inexpensive Epson Enhanced Matte paper; my own best results have been on Lyson Photo Velvet Fine Art paper (a.k.a. Smooth Fine Art Paper "Portfolio" in metric sizes), but I haven't tried all the options. Paul Roark likes Hahnemuhle PhotoRag, PermaJet Portrait Classic, PermaJet Alpha, and Premier Fine Art Hot Press.

Besides the "EZ" part there are two really formidable advantages to this system. The first is extreme economy. Although it sets up as a four-ink process, it's really a two-ink process, because the gray inks in the C, M, and Y positions are all the same. Since you can purchase a CFS (continuous flow system) with empty tanks for $100, and two pints of the two inks for another $100, you can provide yourself with a nearly inexhaustible supply of ink in a very low-maintenance setup for a mere $200, which wouldn't even buy three sets of color ink carts for, say, a Canon 9000 or an Epson 2200. Ordinary ink carts supply volumes of ink measured in milliliters; your $100 buys a quart of ink for the MIS EZ system. Add this to the fact that the Epson C86 printer can be bought for $60-$100 depending on how good a deal you find, and Epson's very good and very inexpensive Enhanced Matte paper, and you've really got a very inexpensive system.

The other extraordinary property of the system is extreme stability and permanence. All of the MIS EZ inksets are pure carbon pigment. Unlike even Epson's excellent color UltraChrome inkset, no dyes are used at all. What this means is that if you use a truly archival 100% rag paper, you'll be making prints every day that will still be viewable 500 years from now. (I know whereof I speak, having studied many 500+-year-old books printed with carbon ink on rag paper.) As Paul points out, the inks will easily outlast the 100-year-plus-or-minus life span of Epson Enhanced Matte. Although it's tough to say for sure, when I consider that photo paper has to go through an acid bath and has a gelatin supercoat that certain bugs love to nibble, and also that metalized silver sometimes has a tendency to "plate out" over long periods of time, it's probable that MIS EZ prints on the best papers are more permanent even than archivally-processed fiber-base B&W prints. And that's really saying something.


Thank You,
I love your wonderful idea for holding up the exit rollers on the 2200. I saw this at about 2:00 am Saturday morning. I got my clothes on, and drove the Walmart, 30 minutes away, to purchase these ties and modify my printer. I own 4 Epson 2200's that I use for giclee print making. We use two of them for sheet fed items and two for roll paper items. The two sheet fed printers are now modified and run canvas beautifully - no tire marks. Before I had horrid tire marks from these damn rollers. Now it is wonderful. I have an artist who had been begging for canvas. I ran a sample for him on Sunday and delivered it to him on Monday. Now I have a canvas order for 40 prints, THANKS TO MIS.



Thanks Folks,
Received my order at 9:20 AM via FedEx. That's 2 days from you to me. Excellent. In fact I must say I have enjoyed doing business with your company over the past few years.
I find your service, your products, your attitude toward customers, all, reflect the kind of excellent business you promote. Refreshing... Keep it up!
I have reccommended a number of my friends to you.



I just wanted to let you know that I installed the UT2 inks into my 1280 and all I can say is WOW! I needed to get two archival quality prints ready for a show opening this weekend and I was easily able to create the prints with the UT2 inks.

I used the Epson sliders (being that I did not have a lot of time because of the deadline) but I will be using the curves and will be playing with the curves as well. I figure I will use the step wedge and make the correction neccessary for my paper media as well as my UT2 inkset. As you had stated, all variables change with different stocks of inks and paper media.

I am so excited about this inkset that I plan on converting my Epson 7600 to the UT7 inkset in a few weeks. Also, I have used Imageprint and the MIS UT2 workflow blows IP away.

Keep up the good work and you are definitely a pioneer in digital black and white printing.




Thanks for all your help in setting up the continuous flow system for our Epson 7600. It works great. We will continue ordering our ink from MIS.

Thanks again,


Dear MIS:
My thanks,
It is good service like this that will keep me as a customer, and prompt me to spread the word about a good, responsible, and responsive company.

Thanks again,
Ernest (Andy)


Dear MIS:
I had spoken with Diana on the phone about yellow clogging I was getting with GP inks in my 1280. We have numerous systems from MIS and she was kind enough to send us some aftermarket cartridges to get us by as we were going to return a CFS. We were able to fix the problem and it was the printer itself and not the inks or CFS. We have since got the machine running well with the CFS, but I wanted to thank Diana for her help. Feel free to send us a bill for the aftermarket cartridges.



Dear MIS:
Just wanted to say Thanks a million for your work on the UT2 inks.

I started a few years ago with the R9 plug-in. Banding problems plagued me from the onset. Had better luck with MIS VM and your curves.

From there switched to UT inks. I was very happy with that combo also. (On Matte paper only of course)

Last month switched to the "NEW" ICC Profiles and Selenium tone inks, thinking maybe R9 was onto something. (The Soft-Proof feature intrigued me). Well, what a wasted month. Constant clogging with the Piezotone Inkset, and not one decent print. There's something screwed up with the 1280 profiles. Between clogs, I had blacks that blocked up completely at 95%, and midtones that looked the same between 65% and 85%. Just horrible prints.

Last week the UT2 inkset arrived. I popped it in the 1280. Ran one cleaning cycle and decided to give printing a whirl.

Using NO curve and basically no workflow I opened a file in PS8 and hit print. I just couldn't believe it! What followed was a beautiful print on the first try. I actually like the slightly warm tone I get, without touching the sliders.

I have a CD of ICC Profiles from Cone editions if you want it. (I mean it). I'd offer you the ink if I hadn't wasted two cartridges to get the profiles to work.

I'm sticking with the UT2.
Your the best, God Bless and THANK YOU once again.


Let me know if you want the ICC CD


Dear MIS:
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I just visited about 25 sites that boast bulk ink, inkjet refill, etc. All I can say is "THANK GOD FOR MIS". Most only had cartridges at a couple of dollars below OEM prices. Info about re-filling was sketchy at best and bordering on incorrect at worst.

I will continue to support and recommend your site to all.

Thanks Lou


Dear Friends,
Over the past three years I have refilled a massive number of Epson chipped cartridges using your products and instructions. This is something I do in retirement to help my self-employed starving-artist daughter. This year we reached enough volume to begin ordering your ink by the gallon, but resetting the chips was a constant pain; some would reset others wouldn't.
With the arrival of your auto-reset chips and prefabricated CFS system for the Epson 1280, I decided to give it a try. What a wonderful difference! It was simplicity itself to install and has worked flawlessly ever since. Thank you and thank you again for continuing to develop and improve your CFS products.



Dear MIS:
Thank You Very Much, for the replacement inksupply holder for my CFS system that I ordered from you. I did not expect to get a replacement and now I am very grateful for it. InkSupply, you're the greatest that I have come to deal with and with all the products available to all. We have a saying in Hawaii, it goes like this "No Ka Oi" which means the best there is. and you are "InkSupply No Ka Oi" and You are The Best.



By the way, Bob. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I love your CFS on my Epson. I tout it to everyone who does any serious printing.
Yesterday is a good example; I reached over and touched the reset button on the chop re-setter and, presto, all the ink cells showed being full! It's like having a little machine that puts money in your bank account at the touch of a button. In this case, the bread in the pocket is actually much better than the proverbial sliced version. I love this damned thing so much that I could do an unsolicited infomercial for it.
In addition to the quality products and supplies, the truly excellent service that I continue to receive from MIS will keep me as a long-term customer. I'm sure that my orders are miniscule when compared to the majority of your business. Nonetheless, I always get prompt responses and feel that my business is appreciated.
Thanks to you and everyone at MIS for doing such a good job.

Take care,


Dear MIS:
Order 25041 on Invoice 60345 just arrived. Great.
Impressive speed.
Very many thanks.

Shall be very ready to order again when I need more!

Thanks Richard M.


Dear MIS:
This is to let you know that my order arrived today.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service. This is the second or third time I have ordered from you the service has been great. And your web site is filled with good information that has been very helpful. It's very nice to do business with someone who provides good service, and I can assure you I have recommended you to my friends.

Thanks JP


Dear MIS:
Thanks for such an excellent Ink Supply system! I am very pleased and printing like a mad man! (Please don't ever go out of business!)



Dear MIS:
I received my order today and wanted to thank you and commend you on your packaging. It ( the kit)showed up in pristine shape and in less time than promised, and that can be an anomaly in Alaska. The one thing I did want to make special mention of is the separate packaging of the different components.

As I went to pick up my 5 yr old from kinder garden, the rear door of my car opened and the whole box of my new MIS cfs fell into the street, scattering the contents in 5 inches of semi melted snow, dirt, goo, grudge and oil.

All was saved by your foresight to seal the pieces in little bags.

Thank you

John G.

Satisfied customer (and I haven't even tried to install the kit yet!)


From Cobra Feedback Form:
The CFS is the best concept to happen with an Epson Printer. Currently I have a 740, 850, 880 and 980 all running perfect smooth with the CFS. No more weekly cartridge re-filling and changing. No more messy hands!!! Just dust the bottles off occasionally and check to make sure they have ink in them. Thank you MIS Associates for inventing this marvelous concept.

Mary M. - ND


Dear Bob:
I would like to tell you that I am very pleased with your CFS system on both my 1280 and 1200 printers. The 1200 is setup for quadtone.

Thanks you for a great solution at very reasonable prices.

Joseph H.


Dear Bob:
Thanks for sending me the replacement unit for the CFS system so quickly. I really appreciate your patience and understanding. We talked on the phone a couple of times, and each time you approached my problem very professionally. I had a blocked magenta ink chamber.

Well... now that my problem is solved, I am a "happy camper" with the CFS System. By the way, I find the MIS ink as good, if not better, than Epson OEM inkset. I am using an Epson 1270.



Dear Bob:
Thank you for getting me the Equalizer software on Saturday Bob. I was in a real pinch with a customer and running late on their project. Everything is working perfectly!!!!

I haven't seen such incredible customer service from anyone in such a long time. I will remain a customer and recommend you to anyone who could use a CFS system.

Thanks Again!! 


Dear Bob:
I've spent the better part of this weekend printing with the 1270 CFS, and I had to tell you what a terrific product I think it is. I bought the pre-assembled model and it is truly a professional level product. I still haven't figured out why you included a latex glove in the kit. One would have to be a true Klutz to need it.

I used Monaco EZ Color to reprofile several of the Epson papers for use with you inks, but to tell the truth, you ink is such a good match for the Epson ink (with the exception of cyan fading, of course) that it probably wasn't necessary.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how extremely satisfied I was with the product. Pass the word on to the others at MIS.

Thank you,



Dear MIS:
I make many prints per week and could easily exceed the cost of the printer in 6 months with just the cost of the ink alone. I am using the MIS archival inkset in a 1200 and am now going to try a Quadtone CFS for the 1160. When I upgrade my 1200 next year I hope the current Epson product can support the MIS CFS as it makes a "consumer" product useful for this professional photographer.

Thank you,



I'm watching as the last sheets of a project to supply a local gallery with a stock of my prints is coming to a close. In the last two days, I've printed 100 5" X 7" images on 8-1/2" X 11" paper and 10 12" X 18" images on 13" X 19" paper using my Epson 1200 (all with 1400 DPI and photo quality paper settings) and your continuous inking system.

As anyone who has ever used a 1200 will know, that kind of output would have been nearly impossible in that time frame using individual ink cartridges. Your CFS worked flawlessly and reliable throughout. It was necessary to run a cleaning cycle only once during the process -- a minor interruption...

The MIS CFS has made my 1200 into a practical tool for my digital art, rather than means of producing the occasional beautiful curiosity.

Thanks again for developing this great product and selling it for a price that ordinary folks can afford. I'm spreading the word to every 1200 user I know in this area, and hope you are wildly successful with the product!

Portland, OR 97212


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