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Return and Refund Policy

If you are having problems with an MIS product, we will try to assist you to resolve the problems. Please use our Helpdesk to initiate a Support Request.

Returning Unopened Merchandise

We will accept unopened, undamaged returns within 60 days of the original shipping date. This is calculated from the postmark date on the returned item. Returns will not be accepted after the 60 days due to shelf life and aging of the ink and/or chips.

Items purchased from the MIS Clearance Center are sold "as is" without warranty, and no refunds, credits, or returns are allowed.

Refunds for unopened items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Original shipping charges are not refundable.

Returning Opened Merchandise

The extent of our Warranty on all MIS products is based on our statement of "Warranty, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Remedy".

Any ink cartridge, toner cartridge, or CFS unit that has been opened, installed or partially used, cannot be returned for credit or refund unless it is found to be defective by MIS support staff and return is authorized in writing by MIS.

Opened OEM cartridges cannot be returned as they are are covered by their respective manufacturer's warranties. If you have a defective item, please contact the original manufacturer to verify the manufacturers' warranty.

Opened/unsealed ink, regardless of size or amount, cannot be returned. This includes ink that was sold as part of a kit or system. The only exception to this policy is if the ink is found to be defective by MIS support staff and return is authorized in writing by MIS.

While MIS has great confidence in all of its products, we acknowledge that there is a small statistical percentage of remanufactured, compatible, and empty cartridges that might not work. Due to our faith in our product, MIS reserves the right to warranty-replace damaged cartridges of this variety instead of issuing a refund or credit. This is intended to prove to the customer that our product both works and is superior to our competitors. The replacement is at no cost to the customer and this policy only applies to the first instance of failure for that cartridge/part number from the order. If the replacement does not work, a refund or credit, depending on the original circumstances and warranty policy, will be placed. This does not extend the 60 day warranty in any way. However, if the replacement fails to resolve the problem, then the original warranty policy in terms of refund or credit will apply.

Refunds for non defective opened items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Original shipping charges are not refundable.

Returns Beyond The 60 Day Warranty

Under special circumstances MIS may authorize a return beyond the 60 Day Warranty. The correspondence from MIS must be via Email or E-Support, and requires the product be returned with a postmark date within 10 Business Days of the Email or E-Support Ticket date for return to MIS.

How to Return an Order

If you would like to return a product for exchange or refund Please contact customer service via email, phone or chat.

Returning a product requires you to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) and Return Form from our website. The Return Form can easily be found by logging into your account via the "My Account" link at the top of our site, and selecting "Return Form" next to the order you are returning. RMA numbers are automatically created when the Return Form is printed from your account

Put your RMA number on the outside of the box. If it is within 60 days of the invoice date, and the products are returned undamaged and unopened, we will issue a credit back to your credit card for the purchase, less shipping and our 15% restocking fee. Returns resulting from use of the product other than described in MIS approved instructions, refill procedures, combining our products with other companies, etc. will not be honored. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain and follow the correct instructions, as not all products come bundled with instructions.

No returns will be accepted without an RMA number and a properly filled out Return Form. RMA numbers are automatically created when the Return Form is printed from your account. Properly filling out the Return Form constitutes completing the Part Number, Qty, Return Code, Return Reason, and Return Type fields. Notes are encouraged, but not required. Failure to properly fill out the Return Form and/or acquire and affix the correct RMA number will result in MIS not accepting the return or issuing a refund. This process is used to facilitate clear communication between MIS and the customer.

Unauthorized returns or returns of products that do not qualify for a refund or replacement, will be sent to a recycling center. A return due to incorrect customer ordering, customer damage to the product, use of perishable product, or a similar circumstance will incur shipping charges. The additional charge for shipping will be at a minimum of $4.95, and up to the calculated weight/dimensional cost of shipping. This applies to all free shipping options including, but not limited to, coupon codes, sales, and order dollar amounts. This does not apply to products deemed defective and confirmed by MIS.

All returns are to be shipped to:

MIS Associates Inc
Attn: Returns
1735 W Highwood Rd
Pontiac, MI 48340

Please include a note or copy of email correspondence in the box with the Return Form so we know why you are returning the item and if you want credit on your account, an exchange, or a refund.


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MIS Associates, Inc.
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