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Ultratone Ink for Epson 7 Color Printers 2200, 7600, 9600

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These inks (UT7) are for use on the 2200/4000/7600/9600 Epson printers using the Epson driver. The UT7 inks have 3 toner inks, 3 shades of grey and Eboni v1.1 black in the set. These are intended for use with the Epson driver and can also be used with Bowhaus or Quadtone Rip software.

Eboni v1.1 Update - We recently were forced to make a change to the formulation of our Eboni ink due to a supplier change to one of the components used in the Eboni formula. While the v1.1 is still a 100% Carbon pigment, it has a slightly higher optical density and a slightly warmer tone. This may require updates to any curves or workflows used by customers using our first generation Eboni. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, but we do not expect to have to make any further changes for many years.


UT7 BULK INK FOR THE 2200, 7600, 9600

The MIS Ultratone ink for the 2200, 7600, 9600 printers is available in 4 oz, pint, and gallon bottles. Click on the blue part number links to order.
UltraTone 7 B&W Ink - for Epson 2200, 7600, 9600 Printers
Position 4 oz $40.00 Pint $100.00 Gal $600.00
Black Position - K (Eboni black v1.1) UT7-4-K UT7-PT-K UT7-GL-K
Cyan Position- C (dark gray) UT7-4-C UT7-PT-C UT7-GL-C
Magenta Position - M (cool toner) UT7-4-M UT7-PT-M UT7-GL-M
Yellow Position - Y (sepia toner) UT7-4-Y UT7-PT-Y UT7-GL-Y
Light Cyan Position - LC (light gray) UT7-4-LC UT7-PT-LC UT7-GL-LC
Light Magenta Position - LM (light cool toner) UT7-4-LM UT7-PT-LM UT7-GL-LM
Light Black Position - LK (custom light black) UT7-4-LK UT7-PT-LK UT7-GL-LK
Optional Photo Black - PK (photo black) UT7-4-PK UT7-PT-PK UT7-GL-PK
Inkset Prices (7 inks) $ 280.00 $ 700.00 $ 4200.00
7 Bottle UT7 Inkset (does not included photo black) UT7-4-SET UT7-PT-SET UT7-GL-SET
Note: Works with Mac or PC's. Requires use of Paul Roark Workflow, with Epson driver or the Bowhaus or Quadtone RIP software.
Click on the blue part number to order.


Making Prints with MIS Easy B&W UT7 Ultratone Inks on an Epson 2200

Here is Paul Roark's workflow for making B&W prints with UT7 inks. These inks are a variable tone ink and can be used to produce warm or neutral prints by using just the SLIDERS on the Epson driver. To get the full range of tones from the UT7 inks, image adjustment curves are required. With curves, the inks will print from full sepia to cool on a variety of papers. These curves were created by Paul and they are free. Follow the steps outlined below and you will end up with beautiful B&W archival prints.

Note: The Workflow instructions for the 7600 and 9600 are being tested. So far we have found that the 2200 adjustment curves will work with the 7600/9600 printers, but the ink density setting on the printer must be reduced. We will have much more on this as soon as the testing is complete.

A. Download the adjustment curve file, Extract the files using WinZip for PC's or Stuffit for Mac's. Save them anywhere on your hard drive, in a folder you know the name of, like UT7 Curves.
B. Use Photoshop 5.5 or higher or the Picture Window Image Editor. Start with the best possible grayscale image. Don't start with a color image. Convert the mode to RGB for printing. Do not save the image after you convert to the RGB mode, or after applying the adjustment curves, this is only for printing purposes.

If you start with RGB images made with a digital camera, convert the image to grayscale to totally get rid of the color information. That is, it is important that R=G=B for all shades of gray.

C. Load and apply the desired Image Adjustment Curve. Click on Image, Adjust, Curves, and Load. Then click on Browse to find the adjustment curve you have downloaded. Highlight the curve to be loaded and click on OK. The curve will be applied to your image.

Each curve is for a specific paper. The curve names indicate the paper to be used. Use the article by Dirk Hobman below to understand how to modify the curves, if you feel it is necessary.

When a curve is applied, the image will turn nice bright colors, but these are false colors. The image is no longer WYSIWYG. This is for printing only, and should not be saved over the good grayscale working file. Do not attempt to edit the image once the curve has been applied.

(Note that a Photoshop Action (macro) can program a function key to convert to RGB, call up and apply the desired adjustment curve/tone, and get the user into the print driver. That is, this can be a one-button procedure/workflow.)

D. Making the Print -

The Epson driver is used to print this inkset. Follow Paul's instructions for making the print. Here he provides detailed instructions and settings for making prints using the sliders or adjustment curves.

Read UT7 Information and Settings by Paul Roark. If you are going to use the Photoshop curves, he describes which ones to use for the various tones and papers.

E. Going Beyond Perfect -

Be sure to let the print dry before judging the color or tones. If you need a good stepwedge to work with, you can download the one we use. For barrier type papers (glossy, luster & semigloss) spray prints with a protective coating like PremierArt Print Shield or Lyson Print Guard. This spray largely eliminates the differential reflections (including what some call bronzing) and makes the print surface so tough it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you would like to know more about how the Photoshop Curves are constructed, you can read the information provided by one of our "expert customers", Dirk Hobman. Dirk explains how to make curves for the MIS UltraTone B&W inks. Plus he offers a couple of graphic forms for keeping track of the data that is gathered in the process. To read his article on B&W curve making, download this file...

There is an excellent forum called Digital B&W, The Print. The forum discusses all digital technologies related to making monochrome prints from digital sources, including the MIS ink sets and workflows. If you are using MIS inks or plan on using them, this is a great place to find additional information and to contact current users.

F. Information about the Inks

DO NOT CONFUSE UT7 WITH UT FOR BOWHAUS. The UT inks in 2200 carts that are configured for the Bowhaus software, will not work with the Epson driver. You must use the UT7 inks. The two inks are different and the positions are different.

For most papers the Eboni black v1.1 cartridge (UT7-T0348-UTK) will work fine. If you are having problems using glossy or semigloss paper, put in a Photo black cartridge (UT7-T0341-UPK). The 6 other inks do not have to change, they will work on matte or glossy papers. Do not use MIS Universal black (MK). The fade resistance of MK is not adequate for making archival prints.

Do not mix these inks with other Non Ultratone inks. For refilling or Continuous Flow Systems, you must start with virgin empty cartridges. Provided this condition is met, no flushing or purging of the printer is needed. One or two cleaning cycles will remove any color or non Ultratone ink from inside the print head. These inks will not clog or damage your printer if you follow this advice.



  • Hahnamuhle Photo Rag
  • Epson Enhanced Matte
  • Epson Archival Matte
  • Epson Ultrasmooth or Scrapbook
  • PremierArt Fine Art Hot Press
  • Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl & Glossy
  • Epson Photo Glossy (SO41141)
  • Epson Premium Glossy, Luster & Semigloss

    When to use these papers and which curves to use with them are discussed in Paul's instructions.

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