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Ultratone - UT14 inkset for Epson 1400 Printer


UT14 - Black and White Pigment Ink for Epson printers.

The NEW UT14 - Ultratone ink set looks to take quality Black and White printing to an all new level. The Epson Stylus Pro 1400 is now taking over where the 1270, 1280 and 1290 printers have left off. This UT14 Ultratone inkset is a variable tone ink that is able to produce spectacular Neutral tone matte prints and yet with the same inkset, no ink changes required, is able to also produce Glossy Black and White prints.

Paul Roark leads the way in developing quality black and white printing solutions on a wide number of Epson printers. The 1400 has been viewed by many inkjet dark room artists as a superior replacement for the 1280 workhorse of old.

This inkset and printer support a broad range of workflows and print tones. With the Epson driver at default settings, the inkset prints a very useable grayscale that looks good even with High Speed checked. Matte paper print tones vary according to the paper used, and beyond this are variable depending on what curves or ICCs are used. Driver sliders are also available for minor adjustments.

Eboni v1.1 Update - We recently were forced to make a change to the formulation of our Eboni ink due to a supplier change to one of the components used in the Eboni formula. While the v1.1 is still a 100% Carbon pigment, it has a slightly higher optical density and a slightly warmer tone. This may require updates to any curves or workflows used by customers using our first generation Eboni. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, but we do not expect to have to make any further changes for many years.

Please fully reveiw Paul Roark's guide on the use of this ink set before your first use. UT14 - Black and White inkjet printing.


UT14 Variable Tone Prints Bulk Ink

UT14 - Black and White Carbon Variable tone ink - for Epson Printers
Position 4 oz �� $30.00 Pint �� $75.00 Gallon �� $450.00
UT14 Cool Tone Cyan Pos- C UT14-4-C UT14-PT-C UT14-GL-C
UT14 Warm Tone Mag Pos - M UT14-4-M UT14-PT-M UT14-GL-M
UT14 Gloss Optimizer Yel Pos - Y UT14-4-Y UT14-PT-Y UT14-GL-Y
UT14 Cool Tone Light Cyan Pos - LC UT14-4-LC UT14-PT-LC UT14-GL-LC
UT14 Cool Tone Light Light Cyan Pos - LC UT14-4-LLC UT14-PT-LLC UT14-GL-LLC
UT14 Warm Tone Light Mag Pos - LM UT14-4-LM UT14-PT-LM UT14-GL-LM
UT14 Carbon Monotone Matte Blk (Eboni v1.1) - K UT14-4-K UT14-PT-K UT14-GL-K
UT14 Variable Tone Black and White INKSETS
Part Number 4 oz �� $180.00 Pint �� $450.00 Gallon �� $2700.00
Inkset 6 Color UT14-4-SET UT14-PT-SET UT14-GL-SET

UT14 Variable Tone Refill Kit

Black and White UT14 Refill Kit For Epson Stylus Photo 1400
Buy MIS Part No. Type D e s c r i p t i o n Price
REF-T079-6-UT14-KIT Black Epson 1400 compatible Refill Kit with 4oz UT14 ink set. Equivalent to 10 sets of cartridges. $199.95
UT14-T0791-K Black Epson 1400 compatible T0791 (Eboni v1.1) Black position cartridge with Auto Reset chip and UT14 ink $16.95
UT14-T0792-C Cyan Epson 1400 compatible T0792 Cyan position cartridge with Auto Reset chip and UT14 ink $16.95
UT14-T0793-M Magenta Epson 1400 compatible T0793 Magenta position cartridge with Auto Reset chip and UT14 ink $16.95
UT14-T0794-Y Yellow Epson 1400 compatible T0794 Yellow position cartridge with Auto Reset chip and UT14 ink $16.95
UT14-T0795-LC Lt Cyan Epson 1400 compatible T0795 Light Cyan position cartridge with Auto Reset chip and UT14 ink $16.95
UT14-T0796-LM Lt Magenta Epson 1400 compatible T0796 Light Magenta position cartridge with Auto Reset chip and UT14 ink $16.95
* Note: The UT14 inkset is ideal for Variable tone printing.

Either Photoshop or Elements image editors are needed to use these ICCs. Representative curves and ICCs can be downloaded from 1400 Profiles.

Create ICC-RGB, which allows a broad range of papers to be profiled with the curves that are included in the download can be downloaded from QTR download. The ���Create ICC-RGB��� program is part of the QTR download.



Making Prints with MIS UT14 - Ultratone Black and White ink on Epson printers.

Paul Roark has provided detailed instructions on how to use the MIS UT14 inks with the Epson 1400 printer. A variety of printing procedures or workflows can be used, including the Epson driver and QTR (Quad Tone Rip). The output can be adjusted using the printer controls provided by Epson on the standard driver (Mac or PC).

While the ultimate in control will come with a rip like QTR, the Epson driver with an ICC made with QTR���s ���Create ICC-RGB��� will work very well. Below are several options with respect to workflows.

1. Epson Driver ��� ���Color Controls��� Checked, No curves, No ICC Most Epson models will print reasonable well with the following driver settings: paper type = EEM, Matte Heavy Weight, or Watercolor: 1440 or Best Photo; and high speed un-checked. Print 21-step test files to see if driver gamma setting 1.8 or 2.2 results in the most evenly distributed, best looking test strips. The sliders might be able to improve the image. Matching how the image looks on the monitor is usually the primary goal. Printing with only the Color Controls may result in a print slightly lighter than ideal.

2. ���Color Controls��� Checked, No Curves, ICC in Print Preview The use of an ICC in the Photoshop or Elements Print Preview has significant advantages. Grayscale ICCs are easy to make using QTR���s ���Create ICC.��� This program is part of the QTR download. To download this program, go to QTR. An ICC that is made for the specific printer, inkset and paper ���color manages��� the workflow, in the sense that the monitor will automatically give a reasonably good match to the print���s relative densities.

Both methods produce fantastic looking prints. Follow Paul's recommended settings and paper selections for the Epson 1400 printer.

The Ultratone inks are all extremely archival. Our tests indicate that they will far exceed 100 Wilhelm equivalent years. The fade resistance data from our Atlas Weather-O-Meter will be published shortly.



The print tones produced by the UT14 inkset range from neutral to warm, depending on the paper used. In general, the maximum Lab B value (yellowblue axis) indicates the warmth of the print. The higher the Lab B value, the warmer the print will appear. The difference between the paper tone and the maximum midtone Lab B also affects the sense of warmth, as the eye tends to do an automatic white balance on the paper white or other white reference (like the matte board).

UT-14 includes both LK and PK that are 100% carbon and glossy compatible. As with all glossy-compatible carbon pigments, these are warm inks. Thus, with QTR, 100% carbon glossy prints that are warm are very easily made with UT-14. UT-14 also makes neutral-toned prints on glossy and matte papers without the need to spray or do a second pass through the printer. For this normal glossy printing the system uses carbon inks that have been toned neutral with color pigments. This is true for all commercially available glossy neutral carbon pigment inksets.

  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag
  • Premier Art Smooth BW Fine Art
  • MIS Alpha
  • PremierArt Fine Art Hot Press (205 & 325)
  • Hawk Mountain Condor BW
  • Moab Entrada Natural
  • Ilford Gold Fibre Silk
  • Kirkland glossy

  • Other untested papers should also work very well.


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