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Medium Warm


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Digital black & white printing offers photographers unparalleled power in the digital darkroom. The latest MIS carbon-based inksets and papers allow inkjet printers to make photos that look just like the silver print, but may last even longer.


We have a new family of B&W inks called UltraTone���. In 2003, we worked hard to develop a new black ink that has improved fade resistance and higher Dmax. We now call this ink Eboni���. It was made in combination with our new 7600 UltraChrome equivalent inks. These are archival pigment inks that can print on matte or glossy papers. The fade resistance of our new UltraTone inks is phenomenal. Click here to view our fade resistance data. For more information see our knowledge base on Black and White printing.

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New high fade resistant B&W inks based on MIS Eboni Black. Great for B&W prints on matte or glossy papers.
Roark's Lab
Visit Paul Roark's website to see what new Black & White ideas he is working on.

In many of the 4 color Epson printers, the Epson print driver does a fine job of making a black and white print. For 6, 7, and 8 color printers there are the following software packages, and techniques available.


This is probably the most difficult part about getting started with Black and White print making. We have written a white paper, One Print, One Pass, One Inkset, on How to Get Started. In this article we describe three tiers of B&W print making. It is a worth while read and will help clear up some of the confusion.

The Easy Way - For first time attempts at black and white printing, we recommend getting an Epson C86 or C88 printer, and using our EZ Black and White inks with some fine art matte paper. This product is described on the C88 B&W Products page. The printer is not expensive, under $100, and the cartridges are a low cost way to give it a try. You can choose a neutral or warm tone ink. No software, curves or instrumentation is needed. All you need is nice, high resolution black and white image, and some time. You will be amazed. Many of our customers stop right there, it is professional quality without the learning curve.


EASY B&W Ultratone - for the C84, C86 & C88 Epson Printers

In the past, computer/software skills were an important part of printing a B&W image. Now we have made B&W printing really EASY. Our new Easy B&W inks have the following advantages....
  • Photoshop is not required. Use any software that will print images.
  • Adjustment curves are not required
  • No Workflow to learn or complicated procedures to follow
  • No RIP, Plug-in or ICC profile is required
  • Compatible with any computer that will support the printer (Mac, PC, Linux)
  • Two inksets available, one for warm prints, one for neutral prints.
  • Prints on matte with Eboni black, and on glossy with Photo black.
Easy B&W inks are available for the Epson C82, C84, C86 and C88 printers. No workflow required, great for getting started with Digital B&W Printing. These are UltraTone inks and make fantastic archival prints on a variety of paper, both matte and glossy. Click on the UltraTone Family above for more info.

ULTRATONE14 (UT14) - for Epson 1400 Printer

The NEW UT14 - Ultratone ink set looks to take quality Black and White printing to an all new level. The Epson Stylus Pro 1400 is now taking over where the 1270, 1280 and 1290 printers have left off. Read More<<<

ULTRATONE7 (UT7) - for EPSON 2200, 7600 & 9600
  • Roark Configuration- This is for use with Windows or Mac and the Epson driver. There are 7 inks in the set. They will print from full sepia to cool using Photoshop adjustment curves or from warm to neutral using just the Epson sliders on the print driver. They will work in the 2200, 7600, and 9600 Epson printers. The workflow for the 2200 is released, the 7600/9600 workflow is under development (as of 5/22/04). The Roark Configuration inks and cartridges all start with UT7 as the first 3 digits of the part number. If you don't see this, you may have the other configuration.

  • Bowhaus/QTR Configuration - We have Ultratone B&W inks specifically formulated to work with Bowhaus Inkjet Control and PrintMaker or with the Quadtone RIP software. These inks can not be used with the Epson driver. The set of 7 inks is a variable tone set that prints from full sepia to cool and anywhere in between. Both Photo Black and Eboni black are in the printer at the same time. The software controls which one is being used, while the other is shut off.


Inksets that can print with different tones by changing the adjustment curve are called Variable Tone B&W inks. Inks that only print in one tone, regardless of which adjustment curve is used are Monotone B&W inksets.

������Monotone Inks EZN & EZW

������Variable Tone Inks UT7


On Epson desktop printers, using cartridges, there is no need to flush out old inks before using the Ultra-Tones. After a couple of cleaning cycles the old ink will be gone. Of course if you had been using Lyson��� or Luminous��� inks, then the use of a cleaning or flushing cartridge is definitely recommended.

On Epson printers using Continuous Flow, a new virgin empty Continuous Flow cartridge will be required. This is because there is no way to get the residual ink in the sponges out of the cartridge. Every print you make will be different for a long time. Furthermore, if the old or previous ink in the cartridge was dye base or partial dyebase, when it mixed with the new Ultra-Tone inks the resulting mixture will be too thick to print. This will result in temporary clogging of the print head. The Ultra-Tones will mix fine with MIS Original Archival, Original Quadtone, VM and FS inks, but not with MIS Dyebase or Double Density Black. Always start with virgin empty CFS carts to be safe.

On Epson wide format printers (3000, 5000, 7000, 7500, 7600, 9000, 9500, 9600) the use of flushing or cleaning cartridges is mandatory. There is just too much residual ink in the tubes and dampers to make a clean switch to the new inks with out using cleaning carts. Mixing MIS Ultra-Tones with all other inks (including Epson inks) should be avoided. When introducing just Eboni black, flushing is still mandatory, regardless of what ink is in the printer.


When color inkjet printers are used to make digital B&W prints, there will always be traces of color visible in the print. The printers are getting better all the time, so this technique is coming closer to being feasible. Even if it could be done, the color pigments have iridescence or metamerism. The traces of color will show up in different light (daylight vs. indoor) and most find this unacceptable. Read Paul Roark's article on this topic.

When the inkjet printer is set to Black Only, then digital B&W prints can be made using just the one black ink in the printer. Until recently, trying to spread just one ink from total black to white results in the presence of dot patterns. These dot patterns are not what is expected in a fine art B&W print. Some of the newer printers like the Epson 2200 may be able to spread two inks, black and light black, across the full black to white range without dots. It is being worked on now by a few of the digital B&W experts. Clayton Jones is one of the experts in this area. Visit his website for more information,

R2400 With MIS K4 Inks
Silver Print Quality on R2400

For making gallery quality Black & White prints, use the Epson R2400 printer with MIS K4 inks, with a pure light-carbon ink in the yellow position to significantly reduce the amount of color used. Silver print quality can be produced with this set up when using Museo Silver Rag paper. Learn More.

Black Only Printing on R800 or R1800

100% pure carbon printing becomes a reality with the R800/R1800 printers by combining the 1.5 picoliter printhead technology available in the Epson R800/R1800 with the high Dmax and archivability of MIS Eboni Black ink. The results yield high resolution Black Only (BO) prints that will last more than a lifetime. No color pigments are used to make the print. The 3 Eboni black inks in the positions specified make this possible.

R1800 With UTBO Inks


To purchase our B&W products, click here, MIS Ultratone Family of B&W Inks as shown at the top of the page.


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