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On each of the Ultratone B&W product selection pages, you will find the Roark Workflow for creating beautiful B&W prints using the Epson driver and Photoshop Curves. If you don't have the full version of Photoshop, ��Elements will work with the Smart Curve plug-in shown below. You don't have to make the curves, Paul has done it for you. Be sure to stick with the designated Printer-Paper-Ink and workflow he prescribes. If you wish to modify his curves, or make your own, he gives tips on how to do this.

There are other ways, besides using Photoshop Curves. ��Quadtone Rip, and Bowhaus Inkjet Control are great alternatives to making curves. There is also a new technique, introduced by Roark, for using ICC Profiles. All of this is explained in detail.

The art of B&W print making is still a fast moving technology. The future is bright, and MIS is setting the pace with state of the art inks. We are committed to being the best ink supplier in the Black and White market place.

Black and White Print Making Techniques
PhotoShop Curves Quadtone Rip ICC Profiles Bowhaus Inkjet Control
Curve Tips from Paul Roark

Paul's site contains all the adjustment curves and workflows for the MIS B&W inks. They are free downloads. There is a lot of information on his site, it is worth reading. ( The technical tips and information on how to use MIS B&W inks are here

Dirk Hobman (who learned from Paul) also explains how to make curves for the MIS UltraTone B&W inks. Plus he offers a couple of graphic forms for keeping track of the data that is gathered in the process. To read his article on B&W curve making, download this file...

������Software and Technical Tips

Quad Tone Rip is a versatile software package that offers a simple turnkey method of printing black & white images on a variety of inkjet printers. It is both easy to use for a novice user who is just starting to print digital B&W photographs and yet powerful enough for the advanced user who wishes to customize, calibrate and profile their entire workflow.

MIS Black & White Inks

MIS B&W Inks
Here are the links to the MIS B&W inks that define the Print Making Technique (workflow) used. Cartridges, bulk ink and CFS uints can be purchased on these pages. These inks can be used with any of the techniques described above.
Printer Ink Ink Type Link
Epson 860/1160 Ultratone UT Variable Tone ut1160.cfm
Epson 860/1160/3000 Utratone FS/FSN Monotone utfs1160.cfm
Epson C84/C86 Utratone EZ B&W Monotone utez.cfm
Epson 890/1280/1290 Utratone UT Variable Tone ut1280.cfm
Epson 890/1280/1290 Utratone UT2 Variable Tone ut2-1280.cfm
Epson 890/1280/1290 Utratone FS/FSN Monotone utfs1280.cfm
Epson 2000P Utratone FS/FSN Monotone utfs2000p.cfm
Epson R200/R220 Utratone UT-R2 Variable Tone utr2.cfm
Epson R200/R220 Utratone UT-3D Variable Tone ut_3d.cfm
Epson 7000/7500 Utratone UT Variable Tone ut7500.cfm
Epson 2200 Utratone UT Variable Tone ut2200bh.cfm
Epson 2200 Utratone UT7 Variable Tone ut7_2200.cfm
Epson 4000/7600/9600 Utratone UT7 Variable Tone ut7_7600.cfm
Epson 2200/R2400/4000/7600/9600 Utratone UT-3D Variable Tone ut_3d.cfm

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